New Domain property added to your account

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New Domain property added to your account

Dear Search Console user,

The Search Console team is always trying to improve our product, based on user feedback. One common complaint we heard is that users don't like having to create separate properties to cover http, https, www, m, and other variations of their site. We heard you, and we are proud to introduce a great new feature, called a Domain property, to consolidate your common site variations into a single property.

A Domain property includes URLs from all subdomains, paths, and protocols. For example, if you define your Domain property as "", your property includes URLs from,,, and any other subdomains of, on both http and https.

The addition of this property will not affect or remove your existing properties. You can remove this property if you like. Domain properties are available only in new Search Console.

We've created the following Domain property for you, based on your existing properties (maximum 8 properties shown):

You'll find this property in your account today.

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