Big, Bright Eyes with Wet 'n' Wild Idol Eyes Eyeshadow Pencil in Pixie

Hello, everybody,

This start to feel a lot like November to me: darker sky, muggier weather, and grumpier me. Every November, it feels like my world has turned upside down. My motto of this month is "Survive November, Survive the Year!" due to the amount of stress I am under every day. However, I have my little eye, I mean, lifesaver in the form of a chubby eye pencil called "Pixie" from Wet 'n' Wild's new eyeshadow pencil line called "Idol Eyes."

Pixie eyeshadow pencil from Wet 'n' Wild Idol Eyes

As you may have heard, I adore pencil liners. Unknowingly, I have been collecting quite a lot of them. While the high-end ones work, I prefer the cheaper drugstore liners sometimes. Wet 'n' Wild and their cheap 99 cent liners that have beautifully (and ghoulishly) rimmed the eyes of many goth girls and boys for many years, also have chubby eyeshadow pencils. And you know who adores the chubby pencils? Me!

After seeing this beautiful baby, I bought it right at the spot even without the sale. The color is not just plain white but has some pinkish glow in it, which is very lovely. It turned out Pixie is very similar to something I already have: MAC Bare Canvas paint pot!

(L-R): Bare Canvas and Pixie
Without blending, Pixie is a lot more pigmented than Bare Canvas

...but after blended, it looks a bit thinner

I did an experiment and used Pixie on one eye, Bare Canvas on the other as bases. While Bare Canvas dried fast, Pixie was kind of wet and I had to wait around for it to dry. My eye shadows looked more vibrant on the paint pot than on Pixie. I walked around the house for less than one hour and when I came back to check, the side that had Pixie already creased. This eyeshadow stick is very creamy and does not work well as an eyeshadow.

However, as an eyeliner, it works great! I used it for my Halloween FOTD and I loved it so much. My lower lashes, after lining with Pixie, looked a lot better. Since then, I've gotten a bit more obsessive and lined my lower lash line and inner eye corners with Pixie a lot. This makes me look more wide awake and less beaten up. I guess I need to do a wide awake, big bright eyes tutorial soon. The last one I did last year I didn't like as much.

As a brightening eyeliner, I'd give Pixie an A+. As an eyeshadow pencil, it gets a C for creasing way too much. I bought the black chubby liner from Idol Eyes as well but I did not like it that much. Out of the two, Pixie is a winner.

Wait, don't go just yet! Walgreens is having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on all WnW items. You might just check Pixie out as well, it's only $1.99 USD.

Take care and have a nice day!


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