Tweety FOTD: My 2009 Halloween Look

Hi everybody,

Gee, this is the second Halloween since MMB was born. Time flies, doesn’t it? Although I am not really into Halloween, I thought this time of the year is fun to do some wild looks without people thinking I am crazy. Most times, I wear boring neutrals and once in a while, I decide to bust out some bright and loud colors. The look is actually very wearable without the lashes and it reminds me of the post-orgasm post-workout glow. The pair of feathered falsies I picked up from Walmart for 4 bucks also inspires me to do this look.

Feathered Lashes at Walmart (4 bucks!)

When I saw these false lashes, I jumped with joy! They look like the Shu lashes that cost around 50 bucks. I have been dreaming of wearing lashes made out of feathers ever since I saw Karen wearing one. The ones I got are not Shu, but who wears feathered lashes everyday, right? Hence, it is justifiable to spend 4 bucks on these puppies than half a Benjamin on a pair o’ Shu.

Also, I have not been using the NYX ultra pearl mania pigments for a long time and while doing this FOTD, I almost kicked myself for not using them as often. These pigments are very potent and shimmery. “Pearl” actually reminds me of the shell-lacquered pictures my grandparents have back home. These dollar-something pigments give Chanel eye shadows a run for their money. I highly recommend them.

The look


 The post-workout glow eye :)

I haven’t done such a multi-step eye look in a long time but this is not so hard to do. You only need a few colors, three brushes and liners.
  • MAC Perky paint pot as base, applied with finger
  • Apply NYX ultra pearl mania in Sky Pink all over the lid with EcoTools eyeshadow brush
  • Apply NYX ultra pearl mania in Fanta on the outer-v and contour to 2/3 of the crease with MAC 217 brush
  • Apply NYX ultra pearl mania in Pearl to the inner corner of the eyelid and underneath the brow bone, using the same MAC 217 brush
  • For the upper lash lines, first curl your eyelashes and then line with black eyeliner
  • For the lower lash lines, apply Wet n Wild Idol Eyes crème shadow pencil in Pixie as a base
  • Then, apply the green color of the Pupa baked eyeshadow duo over the penciled area using a wet slanted EcoTools eyeliner brush
  • To give the illusion of wider eyes, line the outer ½ of the lower lash line with NYC waterproof eyeliner in Teal.


 The face, sans false lashes

This is the first time I use my E.L.F powder brush with the wet method to apply my mineral foundation. The result is very fabulous and I will probably use this method more often with this brush.
  • Apply face primer and let it set
  • Then, lightly wet E.L.F powder brush, dip to Adorned with Grace mineral foundation in Grace 3.5, and apply to face with stipple motion
  • Using Physicians Formula blush/bronzer duo in Soft Ginger/Soft Bronzer and MAC 168 contour brush, first apply the blush to the apple of the cheeks, and then contour the whole face with the bronzer
  • To highlight the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, use the same brush and Silk Naturals finishing powder in Date Bate.
I love this lip color, it is very bright! I haven’t used Revlon lipsticks in a very long time and I’m glad that this one is very smooth and moist. It feels a lot like MAC luster lipstick but with better pigmentation.
  • Apply Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Soft Silver Rose to the lips, using a lip liner brush.

Now, let the fun begins!

False eyelashes: Feathered lashes- Drama & Glamour ($4 at Walmart)
  • First, trim lashes to fit the eyes and toss away the glue (it does not work!)
  • Using Ardell glue, apply a strip of glue to the backbone of the falsies and wait about 30 seconds for it to get tacky
  • Carefully apply each false lash to the eyes (optional: camwhore between each application.)

 After one false lash
You see how much I enjoyed this :)

With both lashes done

I must have used some really smashing mascara, look at my lashus :)

Hey girls, don't tell the kids where I hide the candies, mkay?
That’s it, you’re done! Get out there and party your lil’ heart out!

Happy Halloween, everybody!
I know, this picture has some "Twilight" quality in it and I don't even dress up as a vampire >:)

A lil’ note: Why I named this FOTD “Tweety”

First of all, it ain’t “Twitter” so forget about me being inspired by the blue tweet bird. Tweety is the little yellow canary in Looney Tunes, remember? I thought the lashes look like hers so I named this look after Tweety, not Big Bird or Twitter bird. Also, please don't anticipate me to dress up as a yellow bird. This is obviously just for fun :)

For those who want some vampire lovin', obviously yours truly was ahead of the game. I dressed up as a vampire for last year's Halloween FOTD, before Twilight became Twilight. Click here if you want to do some vampire makeup this year.


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