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Happy Monday everyone!

It's hard to blog sometimes when internet is not reliable. This morning for the millionth time I tried to upload some pictures so that I can tell you about one of my most recent hauls. The year 2009 started with a bang to me, makeup wise. After Christmas, I found out Everyday Minerals (EDM) had a 17% discount coupon for all purchases during that time. Since I really wanted to try some of their products, I decided to place an order. Then I realized that I did not order anything from EDM for more than a year! How so? Click here for an earlier entry to find out, alright my dear readers?

Since my last order, EDM changed a lot of things: switched their website to a better-looking version, changed the formulas of almost every MMU items, provided many different foundations and concealers, and finally offered sample sizes in items they did not do before. I was intrigued to try out some new things as I kept on hearing raves about this company despite my so-so experience with them. Also, the 17% discount did help to make things better. I got a whole lot of stuff for less than $25 USD (shipping included!) Happy New Year to me!

The free sample kit
EDM offers one sample kit with 3 foundations, 1 blush, and 1 concealer to try per order. I could not help but took advantage of this.
Top down, clockwise: Abbots Peark Me Up concealer, Peach original glow foundation, Deep Tan o-glow foundation, Sandy Olive semi-matte foundation, and Wet Sand blush (it's a highlighter, btw)
Gifts with purchase, Holiday Edition (CW from top): Silver Bells, Chrismas Carol, and Sleigh Ride eye shadows, Jingle Bells blush
My order: Mystic Night sample eyeshadow

All the mini items
Looks like a Christmas tree and it's my kind of Christmas tree btw :)

I also ordered a mini kit with 6 items of choice
Top row: Start to Finish Sunlight and Natural Reflections Fair powder
Middle: Launch Party blush
Bottom: Peach Tree blush and Multi-Intensive concealer

and the 6th item is a pack of cosmetic wet wipes!

I was so happy so I created this arrow thing
It's called makeup arts of arrangement :)

It reminds me of the song "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith
"And she said, 'walk this way, walk this way'..."

I decided to literally wear some makeup on my face on New Year Day.
This FOTD is called "Bug Eyes" hahaha

The three foundations samples are used as eye shadows and I intended to use them that way when I ordered, hence the non-matching shades to my skin. They are pigmented enough to be used as eye shadows so I am quite happy. Also, the formula change with added mica makes everything easier to apply. EDM foundations now do not give me large pores anymore. The staying power and slip is fantastic! I am very happy for all the items I received in this order.

However, EDM decided to revamp their product lines and gave some items a big fat axe, including things that I just ordered (lucky me!):
  • Natural Reflections is gone for good, RIP! They did it before with the Silk Dusts which were their most popular items. NRs were their replacements and now they are also in makeup heaven.
  • The whole skin care line, including the wet wipes went missing on their website: until now whether they got an axe or not is still unknow and I hope they are spared. I love the wipes and want to reorder.
  • The 10-piece eyeshadow sample kit is also out of the game: this is unfair for those who just want to order sample sizes. Their e/s sample kit was really affordable ($17 USD) and it's a fun way to try different things. Since most people do not use up a full jar of e/s in their life-time, sampling is the way to go.
I sincerely hope for every item EDM cut, another greater one is coming out as replacements. The case was true with NRs and I hope it will continue that way. Also, before they make a cut, please at least let us know so we can stock up some of our favorites. I like my NR now and if it's gone, I don't know if I can find anything as good to use as a powder.

Reviews of some items are coming out soon within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for them! I've been so busy playing with my makeup that I even forgot to take swatches. I really love the current EDM formulas and everything is so great right now that I even consider ordering some of them in full sizes.

I wish you a good week ahead and as usual, stay gorgeous!

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