Sensible Eating and Your Body

Other than just requiring the right quantity of food, the body also needs the right type of food.

Your body requires essential raw materials - such as carbohy­drates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Each of these must be provided in approximately the correct proportions for continuing good health.

The chief energy-producing fuels in food are carbohydrates (found in sugar and starchy food) and fats (found in dairy products and fat meat).

Don't also forget to take in lots of protein. Natural sources of protein are eggs, meat, cheese, milk, fish, pulses and peanuts. The protein you eat is real beauty food for your whole body. Proteins are needed by the body for the continuous repair and replacement of body tissues.

As there is a steady loss of protein from the body by the gradual wear and tear of cells, this must be replaced.

Vitamins are needed to maintain the health of various organs and tissues.

Minerals are essential components of blood, bone and teeth. Always take three meals a day. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. A good breakfast helps you work better and think more clearly. Limit yourself to just one adequate helping of food, avoid second helpings.

Take a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack of milk or fruit if your stomach feels too empty between meal times.

Take plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. They provide natural, vitamins and minerals.
Avoid peeling, soaking or overcooking vegetables.

And, finally chew well and eat slowly. Do not take liquids along with your meals. They tend to dilute the digestive juices as a result of which digestion is impaired.

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