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How to get a real Brazilian bikini line by a Brazilian wax or a pubic hair shave...

If you thought that dealing with your pubic area is one of the most intimate things-think again. In the last few years plucking pubic hair the Brazilian way, meaning removing almost all pubic hair and keeping only a narrow line on the frontal area of the sexual organ, became a widespread fashion among many women all ages.

In order to achieve the Brazilian bikini wax look you will probably have to expose yourself in front of a cosmetician almost as you do when visiting a gynecologist.

No body knows exactly how many women having a Brazilian wax but there is no doubt that the industry of Brazilian bikini wax involves millions of dollars. Market researches in the Unites States found out that the sales of razors for men and women have fallen by 15% in the last couple of years.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian women were not the first that plucked their pubic hair. Women have removed their pubic hair in ancient Egypt using a mixture of honey and oil and small piece of leather. Women in the Middle East used a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water to pluck their pubic hair. The process of achieving a Brazilian bikini wax look usually began on the night before the wedding for the purposes of purity.

In the 1920's the first razors and pubic hair removal substances appeared in the American department stores. The bikini was invented during the time of the Second World War when the manufactures of swim suits were requested to spare with the leather amounts they use. Then, un wanted and embarrassing hair popped up. Women did not know how to remove their un wanted pubic hair-they have tried to shave and burn it causing damage to their pubic area. In the 1960's the first Brazilian wax was seen on department stores in America.

Today you can remove your pubic hair in many methods. The most common one are a Brazilian bikini wax or a pubic hair shaving using a professional pubic hair shaver.

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