Homemade Recipes for Your Complexion

Homemade Complexion Recipe #1

1/2 cup lanolin.
1 cup chopped fresh lettuce.
2 drops of your favorite perfume.

Heat the lanolin in a glass bowl; put into a pan of very hot water until it liquefies completely.

Add the chopped lettuce leaves and continue to heat for a few minutes.

Remove from the pan of water and allow cooling while beating with a wooden spoon all the while.

Apply to face when cool Wash off after 10-15 minutes. Store the excess in a jar.

Lettuce is a good skin refiner. It also has nourishing and soothing qualities.

Homemade Complexion Recipe #2

1 slice of fresh ripe papaya.

Mash the papaya well until it is reduced to a pulp.

Apply to face, avoiding the eye area leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with tepid water.

Use twice a week to start with. This makes your skin feel fresh and alive.

Papaya rejuvenates the fresh skin that lies concealed under the old.

Homemade Complexion Recipe #3

1/2 cup fresh sun-ripened strawberries.
1 tablespoon oatmeal.

Crush the strawberries into a paste and mix with the oatmeal. Apply to face avoiding the eye area.

Wash off after 15-20 minutes.

Strawberries have long been used by women for radiant complexion.

Homemade Complexion Recipe #4

4-6 tablets brewer's yeast.
1 tablespoon or more of distilled water. .

Crush the tablets and add enough water to make a soft paste that won't drip off your face.

Keep on for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with tepid water.

The yeast mask tightens skin pores and brings a fresh surge of blood to nourish the skin.

This mask is particularly good during the winter months when the cold has/whipped the skin dry.

Brewer's yeast is one of the greatest beauty foods. Packed with Vitamin B and protein, it should also be taken internally.

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