Your Beauty with Feet and Toes

Your feet are most definitely the most ignored and badly treated part of the body.

Admit it - you probably do not think about your feet until they start complaining.

If you've been neglecting your feet lately, decide immediately to rectify the mistake. Make it a point to give your feet all the extra care they deserve to make up for the long months of neglect.

Unless you decide to deal with your feet problems now, they can become worse and even turn serious in course of time.

Well-shaped and well-nourished feet are special beauty assets in the summer when they are on display in the barest sandals. For comfort and good health, however, it is essential to keep them in a good condition throughout the year.

One of the greatest and most common crimes against feet is to wear badly fitted shoes and tight socks. Make sure that you always buy the right size of shoes. Shoes should be roomy and should give you arch support.

High heels should ideally have a thick platform sole for best support. Avoid very high-heeled sandals as they upset the right balance of the body. Shoes or sandals that are perfectly flat should also be avoided, as these tend to break down the arches of the feet by not providing proper support.

Late afternoon is the best time for buying shoes. At that time of the day, your feet are slightly larger than they are early morning. This ensures that you get the best possible fit. There will certainly be no cramping.

Your socks or stockings must also fit well. They must not be too tight. This not only cramps your toes, but is terrible for blood circulation.

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