Herbal Skin Care Is A Must For Healthy Skin

Do you instantly jump inside the cosmetic store after seeing the advertisement of a newly launched beauty care product? Don't feel embarrassed as there are many people like you. They just love to experiment with each and every cosmetic product for their skin enhancement.

But do these products always help in skin enhancement? Did you ever notice the ingredients of those chemical cosmetics before laying hands over them? Have you ever tried to find out the results of those chemicals on your skin?

Well, you never know if your skin is adapting to the application of those cosmetics or building a resistance towards them. The later case can also enhance the prospects of skin cancer. The chemicals like methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben and propylparaben are absorbed into the skin, which can even cause skin cancer in the extreme cases. There are ample alternatives to the chemically produced cosmetics for a great looking skin.

You can move towards a healthier skin care with the help of some remarkable herbal skin care products and herbs. Certain herbs are known to produce magnificent glow on the skin with in a few days of their application. These herbs are easily available in the market. In fact, herbal beauty treatment has become a major alternative to cosmetic skin care treatments. For, the herbal products are manufactured with natural essence of the herbs and they do not cause any side effects on the skin. Today herbal skin care offers viable solutions to every skin problem. And your skin can retain the natural charm once again, if you start using the herbal products.

One fine example of herbal skin care success is the usage of Aloe Vera plant. It is one herbal plant that caters to numerous skin care aspects. First of all, it is a great natural moisturizer which can be used in any season, on any skin type. Another magical quality of Aloe Vera is that it helps in the reduction of sunburns.

You can grow this wonder plant of Aloe Vera in your home as well, and can use it for personal purposes. All you need to do is break the branch of the plant from the top and apply the gel (which pops out from the branch itself) on to your skin. You can also purchase the Aloe Vera gel from the market, but you would have to ensure that the product you buy contains 100% Aloe Vera.

The application of essential oils has its own special place in the skin care. The application of different oils helps in retaining and improving the health and texture of your skin and hair. One such oil, that is, Lavender oil is well-known for its mesmerizing fragrance along with its anti-allergic properties. If you develop a rash on your skin, just massage the oil on that particular area and you would get a sought relief from the rash.

Also, several researches reveal the fact that herbal tea and black tea act as a natural sunscreen lotion. When they are blanched in water and applied, the skin glows with an instant radiance and change in complexion.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science about complete balance of life, is also a great way to explore some amazing herbal treatments for skin care. The remedies are simple but their affect is simply out of the world. It provides certain herbal acne treatment that can cure your acne without leaving the acne marks on your skin.

The first principal of Ayurveda is to drink a lot of water for body detoxification. Secondly, eating protein rich food like soy and peas is essential for you as they provide effective treatment against grave acne problems. Thirdly, to avoid wrinkles you can try a procedure: apply egg yolk on your face once in a week for ten times to reduce the deep wrinkles. A mixture of honey, olive oil and fresh cream is also a successful alternative against the wrinkles.

If dark circles beneath eyes irritate you, try out the herbal kits available for dark circle riddance. You can purchase the kits from any herbal medicine or skin care store. You can also order it online. Likewise, there are thousands of herbal solutions to keep your skin forever young without the adverse impact of chemicals.

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  • Interesting post and I agree that adopting herbal products for skincare is more beneficial than using the cosmetic based products. Along with that you can also go for a botox treatment at the later age but that to from a doctor or nurse who has proper botox training for nurses or doctors. Only then the desired results can be achieved from the treatment.

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