Tips on Blending Essential Oils and Skin Care

Introduction To Blending Essential Oils
When making a blend, Aromatherapists or yourself in the future could blend these oils in a very successful way. You would certainly blend different oils that would achieve the same emotional, physiological impact. You would not use an oil that stimulates you in a top note and combine it with one that relaxes you in a base note. This statement is not always followed by people in the field but it is a good place for somebody to begin.
Please note the different oils that are available on the market today and their effect physiologically and psychologically. You also might look at the oils and see what effect they would have if applied to your skin in a carrier oil.
Many oils are hugely beneficial, some moderately beneficial and some you would not apply at all because they would not be beneficial and could be harmful.
One would have to be careful with an oil like cinnamon and also the citruses if you are a person who goes out in the sun often.

Acne Vulgaris Things that contribute to Poos Skin Conditons
  1. Antibiotics and alcohol lead the way in reducing good bacteria in the digestive tract. The liver and most of the immune system is in the digestive tract.
  2. Poor diet, or faulty digestion restricts availability of nutrients that are important to skin's health
  3. Sluggish liver can not store skin- loving vitamins such as A 4. Smoking subtracts years fro your health. It shows mostly in your skin.
  4. Lack of exercise reduces blood circulation. This means fewer nutrients and oxygen make it to the skin.
Avoid these ingredients in skin care products:
Glycerin, sodium, lauryl sulfate, antibiotics, imidazoli, petrolatium, propylane glycol, PVP/VA copolymer, sodium lauryl sulfate, steaaralkonium cloride, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, and triethanolamine.

What Essential Oils do for your Skin:
  • Penetrate lower skin layers to work on moisturizing and healing
  • Stimulate and regenerate skin cells, to heal skin damaged by sun, bums, wrinkles, or injury
  • Destroy infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi, such as those associated with acne and other skin problems
  • Reduce inflammation and puffiness
  • Soothe sensitive or injured skin
  • Regulate over- or trader active oil glands
  • Encourage removal of waste products
  • Contain plant "hormones' (for hormonally related skin problems)
  • Treat stress-related skin problems

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