How to Deal with Excess Weight?

Each extra pound of fat you carry represents an over supply of 3500 calories. In order to get rid of these excess calories, you need to get down to work.

Get plenty of rest while trying to lose weight. The body burns half a calorie per pound of body weight per hour in sleep.

Insurance company statistics show that over-plump clients are poorer medical risks than slimmer ones.

However, there is no real merit in a "crash diet".

Whether you plan to lose, to gain or just to maintain your weight, there can be no lasting effect from quickie-programs that you abandon in three weeks' time.

Instead, this is a lifetime process. There should be no rigid rules. What you need is a positive resolution to eat healthy food and develop healthy food habits.

Exercise before meals is relaxing. Once you are relaxed, you will probably eat more slowly than normal, which, in turn, means that you will also eat less I

A well-balanced meal and the basic principles of sensible eating given overleaf, along with exercises, should help you control and maintain your weight effectively.

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