Tulip Liposuction

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Another technique discovered for the famous liposuction surgery is the tulip liposuction. Tulip liposuction was studied in hospitals located in Dhaka, Bangladesh from December 1997 to February 2001. The study involves 110 patients of which 101 were carried out for cosmetic reasons. The other 9 patients were carried out for extraction of lipomas. The age bracket of the patients ranges from 21 to 49 years. Out of these patients 24 were males and 86 were females. But most all of these patients received general anaesthesia, 4 of them were done under local anaesthesia. The procedure involves the injection of Hyaluronidase, adrenaline and normal saline in the subcutaneous fat. Fats were aspirated through the use of small stab incision. No stitches were required and have minimal and insignificant complications.

Emotional Liposuction is considered a modification of the traditional Mayo liposuction. This procedure is done by suction apparatus consist large cannula, non-collapsible wide bore tubing and a big suction device. The tulip liposuction uses a hand operated device that comprises special syringes, designed to fit to thinner metallic cannula with proximal ends shaped like tulip.

In tulip liposuction, the fats are liquefied before it is taken out through the thin metallic cannula and special syringe. The procedure of tulip liposuction is much simpler and safer than other mayo liposuction due to its apparatus used which leaves the skin with minimal complications. Most procedure removes an approximate of 3 to 6 litres of fats in a single sitting only. Most areas of the body subject to this kind liposuction is the abdomen and the hip but the buttocks, flanks, back fold, double chin, thighs and arms can also be treated with this technique. The patient of tulip liposuction can go home on the same day due to not so invasive procedure done.

Tulip liposuction can increase HDL, a protective lipoprotein in the blood, which reduces the risk of heart attack and paralysis from stroke. Tulip liposuction can also improve Insulin tolerance as a result it can prevent latent diabetic from developing full blown diabetes.

Just like other liposuction techniques, which are very popular and most common not only in the US but also in the other parts of the world, tulip liposuction procedure can be more efficient and effective if the person who undergone with this techniques knows how to discipline himself and monitor his healthy diet. Although this tulip liposuction is the latest and the safest created as of today, the patients eating habits can still affect the good result of this technique.

20 Sep, 2011

Source: http://eduardoramirez.articlesbase.com/cosmetics-articles/tulip-liposuction-5234959.html
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