Restore your skin and get rid of skin cancer with Mohs Surgery

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To look young and beautiful is our birth right; we do our best to rejuvenate our self and our skin tone, texture and removal of wrinkles. The statistics show that more than 90% of women and men want to age gracefully and beautifully. Life is pleasant, so why not age crafted artistically and aesthetically. No one denies that skin will lose its elasticity and there will more acne and scar and there will be change in colour of the skin as we age.

To salute that growing, skin treatment via different methods like laser, Fraxel restore are quite instrumental and bring back the gone look of yesteryears. Suddenly, we look into the mirror and the person whom you had been in the habit of seeing early morning is gone and there is gradual increase in the number wrinkles and the skin also loosens.

History is evidence of betrayal, fights and jealousy over beauty. Cleopatra, the beautiful Egyptian queen is known give herself beauty bath for longer rejuvenated and radiant skin. So we can see beauty is immortalised and whenever fail to talk about Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, for the beauty they exuberated. Skimming through beauty magazines for some new laser skin rejuvenation method or for some treatment is but a common illness at fashion fiestas.

Looking good ad healthy is not an illness but an act of self-consciousness and winning the world with new confidence. There are survey stating that beautiful people which is deeper than surface beauty but complemented by healthy looking skin always attract more and the winner in gatherings and while conveying a message too.

A pleasant look is like morning sunshine and thus needs care and protection. This was only a part of beauty, where we realised why we want to look good and it is already not to feel guilty when meeting an aesthetic surgeon for giving that new look to skin and face. Fraxel restore is a method used for getting skin tightening or removing lines from under the skin or for breast or chest tightening or for removal of stretch marks.

Sometimes a visit to skin surgeon for laser laser skin rejuvenation reveals that the mole which we wanted to get removed is more than just a mole, it is a form of skin cancer and which can spread eventually. The treatment can be done either by Mohs surgery or other techniques used for skin cancer treatment.

A good dermatologist does not look into the superficial beauty but he or she goes deep into the reason behind a mole or acne. Skin cancer though curable if detected on time, kills tissues by infecting cells. Cancer is a disease which spreads very fast and starts from the surface of the skin; it grows like plants spreading its root deeper into the skin and becomes dangerous. Generally when a patient comes for Mohs surgery, biopsy is already available , if not a dermatologist takes out a part of the tissue and gets biopsy as it is the way of detecting the nature of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is not used in every case, depending on the nature of the cancer; the line of treatment is decided.

09 Sep, 2011

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