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Priori, also known as the Anti-Aging Authority, is reputable in the world of professional skincare products namely for their innovative anti-aging science and patented technologies. Developed by well-known chemist, Joseph Lewis, and toxicologist, Joseph DiNardo, both of whom have had much experience in skincare production as well as the skincare marketplace, this line of skin rejuvenation products was launched in 2004 and has only recently become available to the market in the United States. To buy Priori products, one should visit an approved Priori partner.

The Priori website itself is not an e-commerce site, so Priori products online are available through Priori website partners. Priori recommends that those who would like to buy Priori products first visit a Priori partner who is able to complete a professional skincare analysis and then recommend the most beneficial product line for one's skin type. Priori has developed a "fitness analogy" to help consumers select the best line of cosmeceutical, superceutical or natureceutical Priori products online. Those eco-conscious clients interested in all-natural products will most likely choose to buy Priori products with CoffeeBerry. Priori offers Priori CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals which are 100% natural and correlate to skin yoga according to Priori's fitness analogy.

Other Priori products online include Priori Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals, a multi-layer skin renewal system, for those whose fitness analogy matches basic skin and health fitness; Priori Idebenone Complex Superceuticals, containing the most powerful anti-aging antioxidant, and the triathalon of skin fitness; and Priori DNA Enzyme Complex Target Skin Therapy, a specific anti-aging cellular booster known as the personal trainer for skin fitness. Once one has determined the line of anti-aging skin care most appropriate for her skin type, she should browse for partners from whom to buy Priori products in her area. If there are no partners in the area, she can purchase Priori products online. However, Priori does caution that customers only purchase their products from official partners and not via websites where the merchant is unknown. This is to ensure that the consumer will receive the best in anti-aging skincare, thereby observing the anti-aging results for which she is seeking. We recommend for an official Priori partner and online reseller.

13 Sep, 2011

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