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With the best hair care products now available on the market, it is indeed hair care at your fingertips and there is no excuse for a bad hair day. Gone are the days when women used just soap and water on their hair and long gone are the days when combs were dried fish bones, heated iron bars were used to straighten hair, sticks and clay were used as curlers and the repulsive concoction of dead lizards boiled in olive oil was used as conditioners.


For centuries, men and women depended on heat devices to manipulate waves and curls from their hair and thank goodness the crude and dangerous methods of ancient times are long gone.  Long straight hair was popular in Egypt long, long ago, and those not lucky to be born with this hair type would heat flat iron plates in a fire and run over the hair shaft until smooth, this of course often caused severe burns to the face and hands, ouch!


Improvements along the way give us the modern hair straighteners of today which are sometimes still called flat irons, all-be-it the originals have been replaced with lighter metals and may be ceramic or coated in titanium or gold, and temperature selectors allow adjustments in the amount of heat output, which aims to protect fragile hair.


The big hair trend came to an end in the 1980s and women once again wanted the smooth and straight look, this has gone full circle since ancient Egyptian times, and of course companies caught onto the trend and began marketing products specifically designed to straighten hair.


The hot plates were now set inside plastic handles, and some appliances even offered additional plates to create wavy, crimped or geometric shapes into the surface of the hair, and could be purchased in most stores and hair salons.


Hair care is big business today, and the amount of money consumers spend on hair products is phenomenal, both men and women are concerned with the appearance of their hair and will spend copious amounts of money on hair treatments to enhance the beauty of their hair.


The right hair products are essential to achieve healthy hair, but many, many people still take short cuts when ii comes to taking care of their hair.  There are basic rules for healthy hair and of course the starting point has to be a clean head of hair using the perfect shampoo for your hair type, what you do after that is personal choice, leave in conditioners, rinse out conditioner, different hair treatments, gels, sprays, as long as they are quality products, and right for your hair type and its current condition it will be fit for purpose.


A spokesman for Fabriah professional hair products online said "we supply professional hair care products direct to the customer by first class post from the island of Jersey.  We are part of a group of Jersey based companies including a chain of hair salons which have been providing professional hair styling and care within the Channel Islands since 2000.  We have the combined experience within the professional hair care industry to bring the best hair care advice to our customers".


With the best hair care products on the market, it is indeed hair care at your fingertips, and there is no excuse for a bad hair day.


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12 Sep, 2011

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